Additional services


Home pickup service, we offer Home pickup service in all main cities On call pick up: _

Via our website this service (which is intended for clients possessing account with Globex )enables you to submit online request for pickup your parcels or documents to be delivered in all main cities and you will receive your reservation is confirmed by email.

For your occasional shipments call the customer services department.

All bookings for pickup must be made by 12hour. Weekend and out of hours pickup are available at small additional charge.


Globex (C.O.D) cash on delivery

With us you can send your goods up to2000  Euro paid upon delivery and has the cheque back to you after delivery.

Next day morning delivery between 8am and 12pm .cheque returned to sender 2days later.

Delivery service in main cities.

Documents and goods up to 30kg per shipment.


Collect shipment

With us we can charge the transport fees from the receiver. If you prefer this way of payment, please inform the courier when he pickup the shipment.

Next day delivery in main cities.

Documents and goods up to30kg per shipment.


Saturday and Sunday Delivery

We are the only company which offers Sunday delivery service.

We offer optional Saturday and Sunday delivery upon request, there is an extra charge for this service .your shipment will be delivered between 8am and 12pm.

Delivery service in main cities.

Documents and goods up to 30 kg per the shipment.


Inter-cities Door to Door service

Through our offices in all main cities we offer you door to door delivery services in the same city with acceptable price.


Warehousing services

Globex Express warehousing facilities are available in all main cities, we can pickup your various shipments to store and delivery in the correct time you need.



Globex Express can arrange insurance for the customer covering the actual value in respect of loss or damages for the shipment.


Document Return Services

In this service we will wait for the documents to be signed and then return it back to the sender. And through this service we offer the sender to receive the original document that the receiver signed which contains the date, hour, and signature.


Payment Methods

 - Cash

 - Prepaid voucher, you can pay for all your shipments

      Globex Express account system, if you spend 100Euro or more per month on express shipping, you can open account with us and take advantages:

 - Monthly billing.

 - Globex comfort service.


Shipping & Maritime Agency

At all Libyan Ports we provide all services related to  all types of Vessels carrying Containers to Libya